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Welcome to the Laboratory of Biological Chemistry and Nanomedicine. Dr. Pathak's research group is a part of the Department of Chemical Sciences and Biological Sciences at IISER Berhampur, located in Berhampur, the silk city of Odisha.
The Pathak Lab’s research interests include the design, synthesis, and characterization of medicinally important chemical compounds and their nanoformulations for targeted delivery in cancer. We function at the intersection of areas like synthetic chemistry, biology, and nanomedicine, with the objective to bring about better therapeutic options for the treatment of cancer.

The Laboratory aims to develop new synthetic methodologies for the preparation of drug combinations and their different nanocomposites. To develop new molecular and nano-based diagnostic systems as bio/chemo-sensor for biologically important analytes and species is also an objective of the Pathak Lab.

We gratefully acknowledge the research funding from the following sources.

DST-SERB for Ramanujan Fellowship Award.
DST-SERB Early Career Research Award.
DST-SERB Core Research Grant Award.


IISER Berhampur for a seed grant.

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